New kit! Two Nikon new D4 and one new D800E bodies!!! The ultimate combination.

Nikon D4 and Nikon D800EApril 2012.  Nikon have just launched two very different flagship cameras and true to his strategy of always using Nikon’s latest and greatest (let’s face it, his images do need all the help they can get!), Duncan has invested.  His two new Nikon D4 bodies represent the ultimate sports pro camera, 16 Mp with a staggering shooting rate and an incredible ability to capture images in low-light conditions without the resultant “noise” prevalent in images from most other cameras – they can shoot in the dark! Being a member of Nikon Professional Services, Duncan received his first D4 from the initial batch to arrive in the UK in March 2012 and his second arrived shortly afterwards.

In April 2012 he took delivery from the first batch of ground breaking Nikon D800E models.  Whilst it shares some features with the D4, the D800E has an industry-leading 36Mp sensor that delivers unbelievable detail and represents the ultimate landscape and studio DSLR. The pairing of these three flagship Nikon bodies provides Duncan with the ultimate tools to capture images, whatever the prevailing conditions or photographic objective.  Coupled with his in-depth knowledge of what all the various buttons do, he is well placed to capture some stunning images if only he could work out in which order those pesky little buttons need to be pressed!




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