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Sonnet Technology Pro Dual CompactFlash (CF) Adapter ExpressCard/34

Sonnet Technology Pro Dual Compact Flash 886x ExpressCard34

Compatible with Mac & Windows operating systems – faster than USB 2.0. Brand new, unused, still in sealed blister pack.

Manufacturer’s Description

Sonnet Technology Pro Dual CompactFlash
(CF) Adapter ExpressCard/34, enables digital photographers to transfer files concurrently from two CF memory cards to a MacBook Pro computer on-location or in the field, studio, or office. The ability to transfer data from two cards concurrently, rather than swapping them out of the adapter, makes for a significantly more convenient and efficient workflow. The Sonnet adapter uses the 2.5 Gbps PCI Express interface incorporated into ExpressCard slots, so it delivers performance superior to adapters that depend on the ExpressCard slot’s USB 2.0 interface.The Pro Dual CompactFlash Adapter ExpressCard/34 saves precious time for professional photographers, allowing them to transfer content quickly, Media professionals today are expected to produce results quickly, whether working remotely or in the studio. This newest adapter also allows the photographer to swap a pair of cards and get back to shooting while the cards’
photos are being imported.

Full technical specification can be seen at:- .

RRP £94.00, Amazon price Nov 2011 £86.00.

My price just £50.00 including VAT plus £5.00 P&P.

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Nikon – Filter – circular polarizer – 77 mm

Unscratched. This is the older model. New model costs £121.99.

My price Price £50 including VAT plus P&P.

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