Duncan’s talks at Focus on Imaging 2011 – thanks for listening!

Wow!  It would appear that some people actually do follow this blog!  Duncan arrived early at the RPS stand and said “might as well get on with it now, no one will be turning-up especially.”  “Oh no!” they said, “people have been coming on all morning to check what time you are speaking.”

Duncan was staggered to have an audience spilling out into the aisles and despite the fact that he prattled-on for nearly twice his allocated 40 minutes, the vast majority stayed to hear him out.  (They were clearly very well brought-up and so had impeccable manners!)

Duncan regularly receives (very welcome) unsolicited e-mails in response to his magazine articles and blogs and always tries to reply to them.  However, apart from friends and camera club members this was the first chance Duncan has had to actually meet people who follow his work on his web site and blog – he found the experience quite overwhelming and bizarrely humbling.

He is very grateful to the people who swarmed-up after the talk to discuss specific points and for the e-mails he started to receive on his iPhone even before he left Focus on the first day.

(For some reason I started writing this blog in the third person and have continued to do so over the years.  If I may temporarily revert to the first person, thanks to everyone who took the trouble to attend, suffered my waffling and came up to say some nice things afterwards.  Several people asked for my Zenfolio referral code in order to get discount when they sign-up.  Some have complained that it did not work.  I was so taken aback by the response after the talk that I neglected to include the hyphens.  Sorry, the correct Zenfolio referral code is 8D1-PKN-B8F .

I show below some images very kindly taken by various of the great and good of the RPS.  You would think that these people would be capable of taking a photo without making me look twice as fat as I really am but perhaps it is just the truth that hurts!  I thought you others might like to try to spot themselves in the audience.  How come everyone else looks so slim?!)

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4 Responses to “Duncan’s talks at Focus on Imaging 2011 – thanks for listening!”

  1. Duncan says:

    Hi Geoff
    I don’t know how to respond to such a generous comment other than to say thank you! I have checked out your new Zenfolio site and it looks great – bright and fresh! (I told you Zenfolio was easy!!) Your images are good too.

    You now need to get people visiting it and linking to it. Here is a link for starters! http://geoffoliverphotography.co.uk/ .

  2. Geoff Oliver says:

    Duncan, don’t put yourself down! Your story struck so many chords with me that I couldn’t find the words to thank you properly on the day. I’m also in the bottom photo (standing, blue jumper) and I was really impressed with your demonstration of Zenfoilio and it’s integration with Lightroom (thanks to Jeffrey Friedl’s plug-in). Since then I have signed up to Zenfoilio myself (thanks for the 10% referal discount :0) and I finally have a website that is both a showcase for my work and (hopefully) a starting point towards becoming semi-professional. Thanks again Duncan, your talk was genuinely inspiring.


  3. Duncan says:

    Hi David
    Sorry to be slow in replying but shooting Tideway Week and the Boat Race has taken a lot of my time of late.
    It is kind of you to write but don’t thank me – it should be me thanking you for wasting your time listening to me prattling on. As my wife (not my greatest photographic fan!) rather disparagingly commented, the subject matter of my talk suited me down to the ground. My two favourite subjects – photography and me! To be honest, I did enjoy giving the talk because I know and am passionate about my subject matter and had an audience of like-minded people.
    I have enjoyed looking at some of your work. Your gallery “Bernard (Sep 2010)” has taught me something. Most of your images (like mine) have the foreground subject in focus and the background blurred. Image 8 stands out and works especially well because the main subject is out of focus but the background subject is blurred. I shall remember this “tip”, so thank you!
    Do keep in touch.

  4. David Rowe says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for a great talk at FOCUS. I was one half of the couple of sat down on the floor at the front (in the last photo) and one who was happy to admit to you that I read your blog. We had to shoot off straight after you stopped talking to head to another seminar/talk so didn’t thank you at the time. Thanks once again for sharing your knowledge about how you began and got to where you are now.


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