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I first signed-up to Zenfolio (with enormous trepidation!) in Nov 2009 and have never looked back since.  There are pros and cons to everything; at the time I was seriously considering investing over £3k in a custom site.  It may have given me a few tweaks more “sexiness” in design but Zenfolio is incredibly customisable and I can make it look my own for only £150 pa.  Perhaps more importantly, I can swiftly and easily mange it on a daily basis and I know that the custom option I was considering would have been far more onerous to update.  Although I do not need it often, Zenfolio’s tech support is exemplary, not only the best I have come across in the photography sector but simply the best I have experienced anywhere – stop!

If you click the Photomag articles link above, you will be able to read some of the magazine reviews of Zenfolio that I have written.  There are a couple of more yet to be published that cover the new Zenfolio video hosting service and how I use Jeffrey Friedl’s plugins to manage my Zenfolio site from Lightroom.  Without going into the detail here, this facility is fundamental to my workflow and allows me to keep re-edited images updated on my site.  I use my web site to present my Portfolio as credentials, for client-proofing and as an e-commerce enabled image library from which visitors can both order prints and download appropriately licensed digital images. In a sector where our equipments costs us eye-wateringly high sums and our clients always seem to have “tight budgets” yet want images delivered five minutes before we shot them, Zenfolio is the one area where I feel that I actually do get value for money!

You can see for yourself what I get for my £150 pa at www.duncangrove.com .  If you want to sign-up for a two-week free trial try www.zenfolio.com.  I f you end up wanting to commit, prices start from £25 pa but there are “Unlimited UK”, Premium UK” or Premium Business UK” packages for £50, £100 and £150 pa respectively.  Whichever you choose, if you enter my Zenfolio referral code 8D1-PKN-B8F you will get a 10% discount and thus be paying less than me!

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