Kata CS-15 & CS-17 camera bags with Insertrolley.

Click to visit Kata.I have something of an obsession about finding the perfect camera bag. I don’t think I shall ever achieve this ultimate ambition but I have been extremely pleased with the Kata CS-15 and CS-17 products that I’m using. I have previously thought of myself more as a Billingham sort of guy and have their Hadley Pro and 555 models. These are fine bags but I can fit very little in the former and despite its massive size, the latter is really not all that capacious. Kata told me they had new models coming that would fit my needs and offered to send them to me on approval.

I was initially disappointed when they arrived.  The CS-17 would never hold all my kit and the CS-15 was even smaller. I nearly didn’t even bother trying them but I am so glad I did – it is incredible what I can get in them. Looking in my CS-15 as I type I see a D3X fitted with a 24-70mm, a D3S body 14-24mm, 70-200mm, & 85mm lenses, 2 x flashes, filters, bag of bits, CF wallet etc etc etc.  If I want to add my laptop it would be a tight squeeze so I would switch to the CS-17.  It really is extraordinary what these bags can hold whilst still proving good protection.

This brings me on to the best piece of photographic kit I own, the Kata Insertrolly! The Kata bags have straps at the back which allow them to be slotted on to the trolley and the really good thing is that both bags will easily fit, one above the other. Another nice feature is that the wheels extend widthways to give stability when pulling the trolley along and, when not in use, the trolley folds-up nice and small for storage.


Finally, I am not at all sure that the CS-17 bag is still available.  If not, the Kata ReportIT-30 PL Reporter Bag looks to be along much the same lines.  Hmm – perhaps I should upgrade?!

Kata CS-17 & CS-17 camera bags

Kata CS-17 camera bag and Insertrolley

Two Kata bags will fit on an Insertrolley, but even these will not hold all the kits shown!

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